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U.S. Military Survival Ebooks

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U.S. Military Survival, Escape & Evasion

Ebooks Collection

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This is without a doubt an unbelievable deal on a stack of survival bibles. There are a few books in this library that many would pay $20 alone for if they could take one look inside (like the Air Force ebook). There is no way that any survival or self sufficient minded people would not love to have this, especially your phone anytime offline if needed or just to learn from and enjoy


1968 US Army Vietnam Civil Disturb. and Disasters 214p.(pages)
1969 US Army Vietnam Survival Evasion & Escape 431p.
1981 US Army Prisoner Of War Resistance POW 112p.
1982 US Army Determine Deviation of Compass by Range 2p.
1985 US Air Force Aircrew Survival 122p.
1985 US Army Survivability (Battlefield) 247p.
1985 US Navy Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 1 & C 187p.
1986 US Army Aviation Survival III Sustenance 108p.
1986 US Army Individual Ops & Survival in Cold Weather 80p.
1990 US Army Medical Poisonous Snakebite Treatment 4p.
1990 US Navy Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 2 404p.
1991 US Army Water Survival Training 31p.
1992 US Marines Survival Handbook USMC 571p.
1993 US Army Force Survival I Elements Psych. Aspects 94p.
1993 US Army Aviation Survival II Protection From The Environment 75p.
1993 US Army Aviation Survival IV Direct.,Signal,Recov. 64p.
1993 US Army Venomous Arthropods Spiders Bees Ants etc. 4p.
1994 US Army Injurious Plants 2p.
1999 US Marines Combat Water Survival 60p.
1999 US Multiservice Survival Evasion and Recovery 107p.
2001 US Army Map Reading and Land Navigation 245p.
2001 US Gov. Using your Map and Compass 5p.
2001 US Marines Individual Terrorism Survival 138p.
2001 US Marines MWTC Cold Weather Medicine Course 289p.
2001 US Navy Captivity The Extreme Circumstance POW 160p.
2002 US Army How to avoid getting lost 23p.
2002 US Marines MWTC Summer Survival Course 180p.
2002 US Marines MWTC Wilderness Medicine Course 375p.
2002 US Marines MWTC Winter Survival Course 187p.
FEMA 1997 Emergency Response to Terrorism 116p.
FEMA 1998 Animals in a Disaster 189p.
FEMA 2003 An Introduction to hazardous materials 131p.
US Army Combat Evasion and Survival (vintage) 126p.


Note: This selection of titled, dated and organized manuals is part of
“The Ultimate Survival Archive” All rights reserved.
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