DISCLAIMERS FOR ALL OF MY CONTENT  Like anything else online, I don’t know if my sources are the absolute end all of perfect sources for facts and truth even though I try to get the best information available. Everything on this site is entirely for education and amusement only and I’m not responsible for what idiots do with there own free will. 

This site is in part an attempt to collect information that checks out and makes sense about many many things it is by NO means guaranteed to be correct in any way.  I can only update when I know better and nothing on this site should be considered true without your own personal investigation into the subject in question and completely at your own risk. What works for some might not work for others, or some might misunderstand an explanation. For example in tattooing, there are countless types of skin, skin thickness, body locations, pain tolerance inks, pigments, allergies, bacteria, viruses, and much more. On top of that, add in the individuals health, age, and race and even diet and drug/alcohol use can play a factor in tattooing. After the tattoo, all of the responsibility falls on the tattoo owner to keep it clean and heal it properly. If not, your work and reputation are hurt by their negligence. There are so many other variables that every tattoo is different in many ways, just like most everything on this site. Thank you, M. Redfish

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