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U.S. Military Environment & Weather

Operations Ebooks

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1959 US Army Mountain Operations 239p.
1968 US Army Vietnam Basic Cold Weather Manual 203p.
1982 US Army Jungle Operations 191p.
1985 US Army Adverse Effects of Cold Survival Card 2p.
1986 US Army Individual Ops & Survival in Cold-Weather 80p.
1990 US Army Terrain Analysis 205p.
1992 US Army River Crossing 165p.
1993 US Army Desert Operations 221p.
1993 US Army Pathfinder Operations 182p.
1993 US Marines Desert Operations 221p.
2000 US Army Enviro. Consider. in Mil Ops 232p.
2000 US Army Mountain Operations 140p.
2000 US Marines Environment Consider. in Military Ops 235p.
2001 Oregon Tsunami Warning Systems and Procedures 41p.
2001 US Marines Land Navigation 40p.
2001 US Navy Meteorology Training Course 252p.
2002 US Army Military Mountaineering 324p.
2002 US Army Training and the Environment Field Card 6p.
2003 US Abrupt Climate Change Scenario 22p.
CDC Centers for Disease 2004 Tsunami Health Effects 1p.
CDC Centers for Disease Cont. 2005 Tsunami Response 2p.
FEMA 1992 After A Flood The First Steps 2p.
FEMA 1993 Winter Storms Fact Sheet 4p.
FEMA 2001 Designing for Tsunamis 71p.
FEMA 2003 FL Tornado Selecting Refuge Areas Buildings 72p.
FEMA 2003 Prepared for the Woods 16p.
FEMA Avoiding Earthquake Damage Home Checklist 4p.
FEMA Earthquakes 1p.
FEMA Floods 1p.
FEMA Volcanoes 1p.
FEMA Wildfire Are You Prepared 8p.

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