Special Forces Ebooks com Survival Marksmanship

U.S. Military Firearms & Marksmanship Ebooks

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Special Forces Ebooks com Survival Colt 1911

U.S. Military Firearms & Marksmanship

Training for Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns

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Marksmanship Training

1959 US Army Vietnam Cleaning Match Weapons 4p.
1971 US Army Vietnam Match Weapon Standards 6p.
1974 US Army Vietnam M14 M14A1 Rifle Marksmanship 237p.
1987 US Army Ammo Data Sheets Small Caliber Firearms 327p.
1988 US Army Combat Training Pistols & Revolvers 100p.
1997 US Army Standards In Weapons Training 180p.
2001 US Marines Rifle Marksmanship 117p.
2002 US Marines Pistol Marksmanship 111p.
2003 US Army Combat Training with Pistols M9 M11 71p.
2005 US Army Weapon Handling Procedures 8p.
BATF Curio & Relic License
BATF Curio Classifications
US Army How to Shoot Your M-16 AR15 in Combat 82p.
US Army How to Zero an M16A2 Rifle 5p.
US Army Pistol Marksmanship Training Guide 94p.
US Army Trainers Guide To Successful Marksmanship 29p.
US Navy SeaBee Combat Rifle and Pistol Guide 94p.

WWII German Luger Pistol Manual 19p. (also in the WWII folder)
WWII Walther P-38 Owners Manual 24p. (also in the WWII folder)
1961 US Army Vietnam .45 w hip & shoulder holsters 15p.
1968 US Army Vietnam .45 with holsters 56p.
1985 US Army 9mm M9 Pistol Use & Maintenance 120p.
1987 US Army M9 9mm Pistol 71p.
2000 US Marines M9 Service Pistol 13p

1917 US Army WWI M1917 Enfield US GPO 33p.
1954 Mosin-Nagant 1891-1944 Rifles Carbines Sniper 37p.
1965 US Army Vietnam 7.62MM M14 & M14E2 51p.
1968 US Army Vietnam M14 M14A M2 Bipod Rifle 68p.
1969 US Army Vietnam M1 Garand Rifle Snipers 43p.
1969 US Army Vietnam M16A1 Rifle CARTOON Manual 30p.
1969 US Army Vietnam SKS Rifle Simonov Type 56 23p.
1973 Ruger Mini-14 .223mm Cal Autoloading Rifle 48p.
1980 M16A1 Colt Rifle Maint & Repair Manual 65p.
1983 US Army M16 Rifle Manual 202p.
1984 US Army M203 40mm Grenade Launcher 107p.
1985 US Army M16 M16A1 Rifle Maintenance and Op 154p.
1987 US Army M4 Carbine 5.56MM 56p.
1993 US Army M16A2 5.56mm Rifle 66p.
1994 US Army M4A1 Carbine 5.56MM 58p.
1997 Armalite AR10 M15 Operators Manual 24p.
US Army Vietnam AR15 Car15 M16 Rifle Manual 121p.

1942 WWII US War Department Shotguns All Types 258p.
1967 US Army Vietnam Shotguns All Types 257p.


1993 US Army Ammunition General 243p.
1998 US Army Munitions Support in Theater of Ops 86p.
2001 US Army Ammunition Tactics Munitions Handlers 254p.
2003 US Army Large Ammo Data Sheets 913p.
2005 US Army Small Arms Ammo Hot Weather Desert Ops 2p.
US Army Ammunition Storage 74p.
US Army Identifying Ammunition 7 78p.
US Army Interpreting Ammo Markings and Color Codes 19p.


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