U.S. Military Construction, Engineering & Utilities

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U.S. Military Construction, Engineering

& Utilities Manuals

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1990 US Navy Wood Protection 226p.
1995 US Army Engineer Carpentry 223p.
1995 US Army Engineer Carpentry I 117p.
1995 US Army Engineer Carpentry II 104p.
1995 US Army Engineer Carpentry III 66p.
Construction & Engineering
1960 US Army Vietnam Engineers Infantry Division 202p.
1962 US Army Vietnam Field Paint Letters Stencils 141p.
1963 US Army Vietnam Engineer Shore Assault Unit 113p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Engineer Battalion Airborne Div. 47p.
1967 US Army Vietnam Engineers Nondiv. Combat Unit 122p.
1986 US Army General Engineering 162p.
1986 US Navy Blast Resistant Structures 358p.
1988 US Army Engineer Landscape Design & Planting 60p.
1989 US Navy Weed Control & Plant Growth Reg. 179p.
1990 US Marines Heavy Construction Equipment – Grader 39p.
1990 US Marines Heavy Construction Equipment – Scraper 37p.
1992 US Army Engineer Builders Hardware 16p.
1992 US Army Engineer Construction Management Course 52p.
1994 US Navy Blueprint Reading Sketching 221p.
1994 US Navy Expedient Repair of Utility Systems 49p.
1995 US Navy Naval Construction Force Seabee 1 & C 303p.
1996 US Army Engineer Survey I-Math & Survey Princip. 166p.
1997 US Army Topographic Operations 157p.
2001 US Army Engineer Survey III Topograph.Geodetic 283p.
2001 US Army Topographic Surveying 330p.
2001 USDOD Inspection Mainten.Test-Fire Protect Sys. 39p.
2001 USDOD Systems Engineering Fundamentals 222p.
2002 US Army Engineer Mil. Nonstandard Fixed Bridging 558p.
2002 US Marines Engineering Operations 89p.
2003 US Army Contractors on the Battlefield 124p.
2004 US Army Corps of Engineers Diving Operations 54p.
2004 US Army Engineer Operations FM 3-34 339p.
2004 USDOD Fire Protect. Engineering for Facilities 119p.
2004 USDOD Tropical Engineering 92p.
2006 US Army Engineer Design Forms for Concrete Wall 47p.
US Army Engineer Cartography I Map Mathematics 183p.
US Army Engineer Cartography II 146p.
US Army Engineer Cartography III Aerial Photo. 103p.
US Army Engineer Cartography IX Map Overlays 72p.
US Army Engineer Cartography VII Color Separation 96p.
US Army Engineer Cartography VIII Map Editing 88p.
US Army Engineer Field Fortifications Course 215p.
US Army Engineer Intelligence & Recon 456p.
USDOD Protective Coatings and Paints


Electrical & Electronics
1984 US Army Electrical Power Plant Design 135p.
1985 US Army Electrical Cathodic Protection 60p.
1985 US Army Electrical Lightning Static Elec. Protect. 20p
1990 USDOD Soldering Electronics 212p.
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2002 US Navy Illus. Draftsman 1 Equip. 372p.
2002 US Navy Illus. Draftsman 2 Drafting Pract.Theory 428p.
2003 US Navy Illus. Draftsman 3 Execution. Practices 582p
2003 US Navy Illus. Draftsman 4 Presentation Graphics 272p.


Heating & Cooling
1990 US Navy Maint. & Op of Active Solar Heating Sys. 277p.
1992 USDOE Instrumentation & Control Temp Detector 280p.
1992 USDOE Thermodynam.Heat Trans.Fluid Flow 1 138p.
1992 USDOE Thermodynam.Heat Trans.Fluid Flow 3 102p.
1995 USDOD Heating,Vent,Air Cond.Dehumid.Sys. 227p.
2002 USDOD Active Solar Preheat Systems 98p.
2004 USDOD Passive Solar Buildings 201p.
2004 USDOD Solar Heating of Build. & Hot Water 167p.
US Army Engineer Refriger. & Air Cond. I Fundamentals 86p.
USDOE Fire – Primer on Spontaneous Heating and Pyrophoricite


2001 US Army Plumbing Pipe-Fitting Sewerage 340p.
US Army Plumbing I Prepare Plumbing Takeoff List 25p.
US Army Plumbing II Water Supply 78p.
US Army Plumbing III Waste Systems 102p.
US Army Plumbing IV Plumbing Fixtures 96p.
US Army Plumbing V Repair Valve Fixture Control Devices 57p
US Army Plumbing VI Clear Waste Sys. Stoppages 32p.


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