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U.S. Special Forces & Ops
1961 US Army Vietnam Guerrilla Warfare & Special Ops 258p.
1965 US Army Vietnam Special Forces Handbook 49p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Primer Pamphlet 41p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Signal Battalion Airborne Div. 106p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Unconventional Incendiaries 81p.
1972 US Army Vietnam Military Dog Basic Training Care 115p.
1973 US Army Vietnam Scout Dog Training & Employment
1986 US Army Counterguerilla Operations 257p.
1986 US Marines Counterguerilla Operations 256p.
1987 US Army Ranger Unit Operations 194p.
1989 US Marines Mao Tse-Tung On Guerrilla Warfare 130p.
1990 US Army Airborne Operations 303p.
1990 US Marines The Guerrilla and How to Fight Him 334p.
1991 US Army Recon and Surveillance Support 227p.
1991 US Marines Spetsnaz Russian Special Forces 47p.
1992 US Army Ranger Handbook 235p.
1995 US Army Long Range Surveillance Unit Ops 288p.
1996 US Army Air Assault Division Operations 227p.
1996 US Marines Flame Riot Control Agents Herbicide 128p.
1997 US Army Standards in Weap. Training for Spec Ops 56p.
2000 US Army Battlefield Recovery,Evac. of Aircraft 188p.
2000 US Army Ranger Handbook 233p.
2001 US Marines Individual Terrorism Survival 138p.
2002 US Army Pathfinder Operations 172p.
2002 US Marines Combating Terrorism 143p.
2003 US Army Stability and Support Ops 232p.
2004 US Army Military Guide To 21st Cent. Terrorism 364p.
2004 US Navy Anatomy of a Hostage Rescue 209p.
2005 US Army Military Working Dogs 135p.
2005 US Army Space Support to Army Operations 130p.
US Army Special Forces Caching (stashing) 10p.
US Army Vietnam Viet Cong Mines & Boobytraps 67p.

Sniper Training
1954 Mosin-Nagant 1891-1944 Rifles Carbines Sniper 37p.
1968 US Army Vietnam M14 M14A M2 Bipod Rifle 68p.
1969 US Army Vietnam M1 Garand Rifle Snipers 43p.
1989 US Army Sniper Training & Employment 97p.
1994 US Army Sniper Training 327p.
2004 US Marines Sniping 203p.

Survival, Escape & Evasion
1968 US Army Vietnam Civil Disturb. and Disasters 214p.(pages)
1969 US Army Vietnam Survival Evasion & Escape 431p.
1981 US Army Prisoner Of War Resistance POW 112p.
1982 US Army Determine Deviation of Compass by Range 2p.
1985 US Air Force Aircrew Survival 122p.
1985 US Army Survivability (Battlefield) 247p.
1985 US Navy Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 1 & C 187p.
1986 US Army Aviation Survival III Sustenance 108p.
1986 US Army Individual Ops & Survival in Cold Weather 80p.
1990 US Army Medical Poisonous Snakebite Treatment 4p.
1990 US Navy Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 2 404p.
1991 US Army Water Survival Training 31p.
1992 US Marines Survival Handbook USMC 571p.
1993 US Army Force Survival I Elements Psych. Aspects 94p.
1993 US Army Aviation Survival II Protection From The Environment 75p.
1993 US Army Aviation Survival IV Direct.,Signal,Recov. 64p.
1993 US Army Venomous Arthropods Spiders Bees Ants etc. 4p.
1994 US Army Injurious Plants 2p.
1999 US Marines Combat Water Survival 60p.
1999 US Multiservice Survival Evasion and Recovery 107p.
2001 US Army Map Reading and Land Navigation 245p.
2001 US Gov. Using your Map and Compass 5p.
2001 US Marines Individual Terrorism Survival 138p.
2001 US Marines MWTC Cold Weather Medicine Course 289p.
2001 US Navy Captivity The Extreme Circumstance POW 160p.
2002 US Army How to avoid getting lost 23p.
2002 US Marines MWTC Summer Survival Course 180p.
2002 US Marines MWTC Wilderness Medicine Course 375p.
2002 US Marines MWTC Winter Survival Course 187p.
FEMA 1997 Emergency Response to Terrorism 116p.
FEMA 1998 Animals in a Disaster 189p.
FEMA 2003 An Introduction to hazardous materials 131p.
US Army Combat Evasion and Survival (vintage) 126p.

Food & Water
1985 US Army Water Supply and Treatment 70p.
1985 US Army Water Supply Water Storage 19p.
1987 US Army Water Supply Sources & General Consider. 53p.
1994 US Navy Cooking Course 392p.
1994 US Navy Mess Management Specialist 356p.
1995 US Navy Well Drilling Operations 262p.
1997 USDOD Water Conservation 136p.
1998 US Navy Food Safety 161p.
1999 US Army Corps of Engineers Small Water Systems 83p.
1999 US Marine Corps Pastry Baking 43p.
2004 USDOD Water Conservation 143p.
FEMA 1994 Food and Water in an Emergency 4p.
US Army Basic Food Preparation 251p.
US Army Dairy Foods Ed.100 122p.
US Army Food Containers Ed.100 67p.
US Army Food Deterioration Ed.100 143p.
US Army Food Preparation Part I 85p.
US Army Military Water Supply Ed.100 241p.
US Army Poultry I Ed.100 43p.
US Army Poultry II Ed.100 69p.
US Army Preservation of Foods Ed.100 101p.
US Army Red Meats Ed.200 183p.
US Army Shell Eggs Ed.100 146p.
US Army Waterfoods Ed.100 82p.
Shelter & Storage
1964 US Army Vietnam Air Supported Tentage 32p.
1964 US Army Vietnam Pole and Frame Supported Tents 147p.
1971 US Army Vietnam Shelter Operation and Supplies 20p.
1989 US Navy Weed Control & Plant Growth Reg. 179p.
1992 US Navy Urban Integrated Pest Management 204p.
1995 USDOE Primer Lead Acid Storage Batteries 54p.
CDC Centers for Disease Control Sheltering in Place 3p.
FEMA 1980 Aboveground Home Fallout Shelter 8p.
FEMA 1980 Belowground Home Fallout Shelters 8p.
FEMA 1980 Belowground Shelter Modified Ceiling 8p.
FEMA 1980 Belowground Shelter Tilt Up Storage Ceiling 4p.
FEMA 1991 Your Family Emergency Plan 4p.
FEMA 1993 Emergency Preparedness Checklist 4p.
FEMA 1993 Your Family Disaster Plan 8p.
FEMA 1998 Homeowners Retrofitting-Flooding 173p.
FEMA 1999 Federal Response Plan 304p.
FEMA 2005 Protecting Home or Sm. Business-Disasters 84p.
FEMA Building A Safe Room Inside Your Home 32p.
FEMA Expedient Shelter Design 16p.
FEMA Family Disaster Supplies Kit 4p.
FEMA House Fires 1p.
First Aid
1976 US Army Medical First Aid For Soldiers 160p.
1982 US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook 210p.
1990 US Army Medical Poisonous Snakebite Treatment 4p.
1992 US Army Medical Foreign Body Airway Obstruction 4p.
1993 US Army Venomous Arthropods Spiders Bees Ants etc. 4p.
2001 US Army Combat Lifesaver Course 115p.
2002 US Army First Aid For Soldiers (Fast Index!) 309p.
2005 US Army Medical Self Aid and Buddy-Aid 271p.
2006 US Army Medical Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR 131p
2006 US Army Medical Taking Vital Signs 120p.
2006 US Army Medical Treating Fractures in the Field 113p.
2006 US Army Tactical Combat Casualty & Wound Care 177p.
Combat Training
1961 US Army Vietnam Armored Division Brigade 139p.
1961 US Army Vietnam Bayonet Care M4 M5 M6 16p.
1961 US Army Vietnam Tank Unit Platoon Company Bat. 297p.
1962 US Army Vietnam Barrier & Denial Ops
1962 US Army Vietnam Combat Train Soldier Patrol 220p.
1963 US Army Vietnam Armor Operations 375p.
1963 US Army Vietnam Rifle Squad Fire Tactics 136p.
1964 US Army Vietnam Tank Gunnery 259p.
1965 US Army Vietnam Boobytraps 130p.
1965 US Army Vietnam Div. and Armored Air Cavalry 285p.
1966 US Army Vietcong Improvised Booby Traps 28p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Claymore Mine M18A1 M18 43p.
1967 US Army Vietnam Ops of Army Forces in the Field 133p
1967 US Army Vietnam Rear Area Protection 131p.
1968 US Army Vietnam Camouflage 104p.
1968 US Army Vietnam Night Vision Sight 37p.
1968 US Army Vietnam Silencers Principles, Evaluations 112p
1969 US Marines Vietnam Spec Issue Mines & Boobytraps 74p.
1975 US Army Mine Card 12p.
1978 US Marines Marine Rifle Company 417p.
1984 US Army Combat Skills of the Soldier 249p.
1990 US Army Camouflage 81p.
1990 US Army Infrared Imagery 50p.
1990 US Army Mine Recognition & Warfare Hndbk 193p.
1990 US Army Smoke Operations 15p.
1992 US Army Infantry Rifle Platoon & Squad 409p.
1992 US Navy Fireman 334p.
1994 US Army Land Mines Army Ammunition Data Sheets 139p.
1994 US Army Smoke Squad Platoon Operations 207p.
1994 US Navy Mineman Volume 1 54p.
1994 US Navy Mineman Volume 2 3 & 2 92p.
1994 US Navy Mineman Volume 3 3 & 2 84p.
1994 US Navy Mineman Volume 5 60p.
1995 US Navy Mineman Volume 2 1 & C 92p.
1995 U.S. Marine Corps Ground Combat Operations 185p.
1995 US Army ATC Contingency & Combat Zone Ops 62p.
1996 US Army Tank Platoon 296p.
1996 US Marines Flame Riot Control Agents Herbicide 128p.
1996 US Navy Seabee Combat Handbook Vol 2 162p.
1997 Multiservice J Fire 100p.
1997 US Army Combat Leaders Guide Army Research Inst. 229p.
1997 US Army Rappelling 145p.
1997 US Marines Warfighting 113p.
1998 US Army Combat Stress Control In A Theater Of Ops 255p.
1998 US Army NLW Non Lethal Weapons 91p.
1998 US Navy Mineman Volume 7 214p.
1999 US Army Camouflage Concealment and Decoys 96p.
1999 US Army Combined Arms for Air Defense 69p.
1999 US Army Vehicle Scout Platoon 548p.
2000 US Army Ordnance and Explosives Response 184p.
2000 US Marines Night Warrior Handbook 135p.
2000 US Marines Rear Area Operations 95p.
2000 US Marines Scouting and Patrolling 109p.
2000 US Navy Commanders Antiterror Protect Naval Ops 30p
2001 US Army Infantry Recon Platoon & Squad 327p.
2001 US Army Infantry Rifle Platoon & Squad 411p.
2001 US Army Nonlethal Munitions 4p.
2001 US Multiservice Procedures Unexploded Ops 81p.
2002 US Army Combined Arms Breaching Operations 149p.
2002 US Army Machine Gunner’s Card 2p.
2002 US Army Mine Countermine Operations 512p.
2002 US Army Non-Commissioned Officer’s Guide 210p.
2002 US Army Tactical Antiarmor Platoon Company 349p.
2002 US Army Tactics, Field Artillery Target Acq. 335p.
2002 US Marines Ground Combat Operations 186p.
2002 US Marines MWTC Assault Climbers Handbook 296p.
2002 US Marines Raid Operations 169p.
2003 US Army Combat Service Support 234p.
2003 US Army Combined Arms Obstacle Integration 178p.
2003 US Army IET Initial Entry Training Soldier Hndbk 583p.
2003 US Army Static Line Parachute Techniq. Training 436p.
2003 US Army Stryker BCT Battalion Recon Platoon 345p.
2003 US Army Tactical Employment of Nonlethal Weapons 168p.
2003 US Marines Marine Rifle Squad 340p.
2003 US Marines UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations 64p.
2003 US Navy Mineman Volume 3 77p.
2004 US Marines Physical Readiness Combat Training 218p.
2005 US Marines Marine Corps Tank Employment 163p.
2006 US Army Soldier’s Common Tasks Warrior Skills 1 696p.
2006 US Army Tactical Combat Casualty & Wound Care 177p.
US Army Code of the US Fighting Force 16p.
US Army Historical Study of Night Combat
US Army How to Kill Tanks 31p.
US Army Smoke Pots 26p.

Close Combat
(includes MCMAP!! Marine Corps Martial Arts Program)
1992 US Army Combatives Hand to Hand 227p.
1999 US Marines Close Combat 113p.
2002 US Marines MCMAP Marine Corps Martial Arts 114p.
US Army Vietnam Special Forces Only Hand to Hand Fighting
US Army West Point Boxing Trainers Manual 50p.
US Marine Corps Bayonet Training 89p.
Marksmanship Training
1959 US Army Vietnam Cleaning Match Weapons 4p.
1971 US Army Vietnam Match Weapon Standards 6p.
1974 US Army Vietnam M14 M14A1 Rifle Marksmanship 237p.
1987 US Army Ammo Data Sheets Small Caliber Firearms 327p.
1988 US Army Combat Training Pistols & Revolvers 100p.
1997 US Army Standards In Weapons Training 180p.
2001 US Marines Rifle Marksmanship 117p.
2002 US Marines Pistol Marksmanship 111p.
2003 US Army Combat Training with Pistols M9 M11 71p.
2005 US Army Weapon Handling Procedures 8p.
BATF Curio & Relic License
BATF Curio Classifications
US Army How to Shoot Your M-16 AR15 in Combat 82p.
US Army How to Zero an M16A2 Rifle 5p.
US Army Pistol Marksmanship Training Guide 94p.
US Army Trainers Guide To Successful Marksmanship 29p.
US Navy SeaBee Combat Rifle and Pistol Guide 94p.
1917 US Army WWI M1917 Enfield US GPO 33p.
1954 Mosin-Nagant 1891-1944 Rifles Carbines Sniper 37p.
1965 US Army Vietnam 7.62MM M14 & M14E2 51p.
1968 US Army Vietnam M14 M14A M2 Bipod Rifle 68p.
1969 US Army Vietnam M1 Garand Rifle Snipers 43p.
1969 US Army Vietnam M16A1 Rifle CARTOON Manual 30p.
1969 US Army Vietnam SKS Rifle Simonov Type 56 23p.
1973 Ruger Mini-14 .223mm Cal Autoloading Rifle 48p.
1980 M16A1 Colt Rifle Maint & Repair Manual 65p.
1983 US Army M16 Rifle Manual 202p.
1984 US Army M203 40mm Grenade Launcher 107p.
1985 US Army M16 M16A1 Rifle Maintenance and Op 154p.
1987 US Army M4 Carbine 5.56MM 56p.
1993 US Army M16A2 5.56mm Rifle 66p.
1994 US Army M4A1 Carbine 5.56MM 58p.
1997 Armalite AR10 M15 Operators Manual 24p.
US Army Vietnam AR15 Car15 M16 Rifle Manual 121p.

1942 WWII US War Department Shotguns All Types 258p. (also in WWII folder)
1967 US Army Vietnam Shotguns All Types 257p.

WWII German Luger Pistol Manual 19p. (also in the WWII folder)
WWII Walther P-38 Owners Manual 24p. (also in the WWII folder)
1961 US Army Vietnam .45 w hip & shoulder holsters 15p.
1968 US Army Vietnam .45 with holsters 56p.
1985 US Army 9mm M9 Pistol Use & Maintenance 120p.
1987 US Army M9 9mm Pistol 71p.
2000 US Marines M9 Service Pistol 13p.

1942 US Army WWII Thompson Submachine Gun .45 14p.
1942 WWII British Sten Mk II Carbine 9mm 9p.
1970 US Army Vietnam M60 Machine Gun Manual 31p.
1974 US Army Vietnam Submachine Guns Grease Gun M3 M3A1
1984 US Army .50 Cal Machine Gun Maint. & Op. 112p.
1991 US Army Browining MG Caliber 50 HB M2 201p.
1996 US Marines Machine Guns and Machine Gun Gunnery 430p.
1998 UN Protocol against Illicit Manufacture Firearms 14p.
1998 US Army M60 Machine Gun Maintenance & Op. 220p.
2002 US Army Browning .50 cal Machine Gun 246p.
2003 US Army Crew Served Machine Guns 5.56mm 7.62mm
Heckler & Koch H&K MP5 Submachine Gun 119p.
MAC 10 M10-M11 Submachine Gun Op Maitenance 36p.
Uzi Sub Machine Gun Operation Manual 25p.

1993 US Army Ammunition General 243p.
1998 US Army Munitions Support in Theater of Ops 86p.
2001 US Army Ammunition Tactics Munitions Handlers 254p.
2003 US Army Large Ammo Data Sheets 913p.
2005 US Army Small Arms Ammo Hot Weather Desert Ops 2p.
US Army Ammunition Storage 74p.
US Army Identifying Ammunition 7 78p.
US Army Interpreting Ammo Markings and Color Codes 19p.

1943 US Navy WWII 5 Inch Gun Operations manual 102p.
1944 US Navy WWII 16 Inch Gun Range Tables 72p.
1947 US Navy WWII 8 Inch 3 Gun Turrets 220p.
1965 US Army Vietnam 90mm Recoilless Rifle M67 71p.
1981 US Army Principles of Artillery Weapons 131p.
1982 US Arny Dragon Antitank Missile Maint 304p.
1991 US Army LAW Rocket Operators Manual 40p.
1994 US Army TM FFAR Rockets 56p.
1996 US Army Tactical Employment of Mortars 296p.
2000 US Army Mortars Gunnery 424p.
2000 US Marines Mortars 412p.
2000 US Marines Mortars Gunnery 346p.
2001 US Army Light Antiarmor Weapons 136p.
2001 US Army M47 Dragon Med Antitank Weapon Sys. 148p.
2002 US Army Mortars 347p.
2003 US Army 40mm Grenade Launcher M203 144p.
2005 US Army Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals 156p.
LAW Rocket System 66MM 17p.

Tactics & Strategy
1967 US Army Vietnam Enemy Jungle Tact. Plat. Leaders 44p.
1974 US Army Vietnam Tactical Land Clearing 105p.
1989 US Army Weather Support for Army Tactical Ops 146p.
1990 US Army Terrain Analysis 205p.
1991 US Army Tactical Record Traffic System 147p.
1998 US Army Preparation Analysis of Battlefield Area 85p.
1999 US Marines Logistics Operations 90p.
2000 US Army Tactics vs. Electronic Attack 117p.
2000 US Marines Tactical Level Logistics 153p.
2001 US Army Tactics 564p.
2001 US Marines Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare 16p.

Urban Operations
1979 US Army Military Ops Urbanized Terrain MOUT 276p.
1992 US Army Combat in Built up Areas 211p.
1993 US Army Infantryman’s Combat Guide Built Up Aeas 302p.
1998 US Marines Military Ops on Urban Terrain MOUT 368p.
1999 US Army Rifle Platoon Urban Combat II 174p.
2001 US Multiservice Proced. for Aircraft Urban Ops 125p
2002 US Army Combined Arms Ops in Urban Terrain 643p.
2002 US Army Training for Urban Operations 149p.
2003 US Army Urban Operations 349p.
2006 US Army Urban Operations 316p.

Military Intelligence
1954 US Army Official UFO Manual 25p.
1986 US Army Intelligence & Electronic Warfare Ops 324p.
1987 US Army Photography in Climatic Extremes 30p.
1990 US Army Intelligence Analysis 429p.
1992 US Army Intelligence Interrogation 177p.
1993 US Army Counterintelligence Liaison Activities 56p.
1993 US Army Use of Intelligence Products 135p.
1994 US Army Introduction to the Intel. Analyst 31p.
1995 US Army Captured Document Handling 35p.
1995 US Army Counter Intelligence 229p.
1995 US Army Intelligence Preparation Of Battlefield 279p.
1995 US Army Interrogation Approaches 31p.
1995 US Army Interrogation Operations 80p.
1996 US Army Interrogation Use of Interpreters 23p.
1996 US Navy Intel Specialist 3 & 2 Vol 1 402p.
1997 US Army Interrogation Questioning Techniques 35p.
1997 US Army Strategic Intelligence 94p.
1998 US Army Counterintelligence Investigations 95p.
1998 US Army Intelligence in Combating Terrorism 98p.
1998 US Army Intelligence in Sup. of Internal Def. Ops 63p.
1998 US Army Intelligence Officers Handbook 212p.
1998 US Army Interrogation Screening Operations 48p.
1998 US Army Interrogation Terminate an Interrogation 23p.
1998 US Army Intro to Battlefield Tech Intelligence 57p.
1998 US Army Technical Intelligence 191p.
1999 US Army Intelligence Officer Responsibilities 51p.
1999 US Marines Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) 123p.
2000 US Marines Geographic Intelligence (GEOINT) 203p.
2002 US Marines Imagery Intelligence 210p.
2003 FBI Guide to Concealable Weapons 89p.
2003 US Army Information Operations 314p.
2004 US Army Intelligence 211p.
2004 US Operational Law Handbook 563p.
2005 US Army PSYOPS Psychological Ops Leaders Guide 80p.
CIA Psychological Ops in Guerrilla Warfare 64p.
CIA Real Life Spy Gear From CIA Site 2p.

Environment & Weather
NATO Emergency War Surgery 446p.
1959 US Army Mountain Operations 239p.
1968 US Army Vietnam Basic Cold Weather Manual 203p.
1982 US Army Jungle Operations 191p.
1985 US Army Adverse Effects of Cold Survival Card 2p.
1986 US Army Individual Ops & Survival in Cold-Weather 80p.
1990 US Army Terrain Analysis 205p.
1992 US Army River Crossing 165p.
1993 US Army Desert Operations 221p.
1993 US Army Pathfinder Operations 182p.
1993 US Marines Desert Operations 221p.
2000 US Army Enviro. Consider. in Mil Ops 232p.
2000 US Army Mountain Operations 140p.
2000 US Marines Environment Consider. in Military Ops 235p.
2001 Oregon Tsunami Warning Systems and Procedures 41p.
2001 US Marines Land Navigation 40p.
2001 US Navy Meteorology Training Course 252p.
2002 US Army Military Mountaineering 324p.
2002 US Army Training and the Environment Field Card 6p.
2003 US Abrupt Climate Change Scenario 22p.
CDC Centers for Disease 2004 Tsunami Health Effects 1p.
CDC Centers for Disease Cont. 2005 Tsunami Response 2p.
FEMA 1992 After A Flood The First Steps 2p.
FEMA 1993 Winter Storms Fact Sheet 4p.
FEMA 2001 Designing for Tsunamis 71p.
FEMA 2003 FL Tornado Selecting Refuge Areas Buildings 72p.
FEMA 2003 Prepared for the Woods 16p.
FEMA Avoiding Earthquake Damage Home Checklist 4p.
FEMA Earthquakes 1p.
FEMA Floods 1p.
FEMA Volcanoes 1p.
FEMA Wildfire Are You Prepared 8p.
Nuclear, Biological & Chemical
1964 US Army Vietnam Nuclear Play Calculator 48p.
1986 US Army Field Behavior of NBC Agents 79p.
1990 US Army Potential Mil.Chem.BioAgents.Compounds 130p.
1991 US Army Chemical Weapons and Munitions 119p.
1992 US Marines NBC Protection 195p.
1993 US Army Chemical Staffs and Units 260p.
1993 US Army NBC Field Handbook 204p.
1994 US Army Commander’s Tactical NBC Handbook 119p.
1994 US Army Nuclear Contamination Avoidance 316p.
1995 US Air Force Counter NBC Nuc. Bio. Chem. Ops 63p.
1996 NATO Medical Aspects of NBC Defense 443p.
1997 US Army Chemical Weapons Tech Sec. VI 38p.
*Plus 20 More Books
Police & Security
1966 US Army Vietnam Fingerprinting 17p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Polygraph Examinations 9p.
1967 US Army Vietnam Crimes Involving Poisons 17p.
1967 US Army Vietnam Enemy Prisoners and Civillian 81p.
1967 US Army Vietnam Invest. Assault Suicide Homicide 25p.
1968 US Army Vietnam Civil Disturb. and Disasters 214p.
1969 US Army Vietnam Military Police Support Arm. Div. 64p
1971 US Army Vietnam Guard Duty 122p.
1977 US Army Military Police Traffic Operations 245p.
1985 US Army Civil Disturbances 160p.
1985 US Army Law Enforcement Investigations 281p.
1987 US Army Military Police Law and Order Operations 238p.
1993 US Army Military Police Investig. Sup.Materials 393p.
1993 US Army The Army Physical Security Program 64p.
1995 US Army Military Police Tactics Techn. Proced. 88p.
1997 US Army Public Affairs Operations 77p.
1999 US Army Operations Security (OPSEC) 52p.
2001 US Army Military Police Internment Resettle. Ops 317p.
2001 US Army Physical Security 317p.
2001 US Navy Physical Security 119p.
2002 US Army Military Police Leaders Handbook 640p.
2005 US Army Civil Disturbance Operations 256p.
2005 US Army Command & Control of Detainee Ops 19p.
2006 US Army Civil Disturbance Operations 115p.
2006 US Army Military Police Interview Investig. Appreh. 86p
2006 US Army Military Police MP Detainee Proced. Ops 53p.
Command & Leadership
1961 US Army Vietnam Military Leadership 87p.
1961 US Army Vietnam Quartermaster Sales Co. 83p.
1964 US Army Vietnam The Chaplain 78p.
1968 US Army Vietnam Drill and Ceremonies 202p.
1975 US Army Vietnam How to Conduct Mil Training 180p.
1988 US Army A History of US Army Lessons Learned 177p.
1990 US Army Military Leadership 96p.
1992 US Army Operations in Low Intensity Conflict 260p.
1993 US Army Leadership 15p.
1995 US Army Decisive Force The Army in Theater of Ops 248p
1997 US Army Operational Terms & Graphics 339p.
1997 US Army Public Affairs Operations 77p.
1998 US Marines Personal Financial Management 151p.
1998 USDOE Human Factors & Ergonomics 231p.
2000 US Army Public Affairs Tactics Techniq. Proced. 202p
2000 US Navy Operations Specialist Volume 1 294p.
2000 US Navy School Management Manual 352p.
2001 US Army Joint Force Land Component Command 144p.
2001 US Army Risk Management 61p.
2001 US Army The Army FM 1 49p.
2001 US Marines Iraqi Culture Brief 5p.
2002 US Army Command Policy 97p.
2002 US Army Dictionary of Military Terms 616p.
2002 US Army Military Operations 162p.
2002 US Army Preparing & Managing Correspondence 34p.
2002 US Marines Iraq Intro to Country and People 123p.
2002 US Marines Troop Leaders Guide 359p.
2002 US Military Almanac 2001-2002 94p.
2002 US Navy and Marine Awards Manual 216p.
2003 US Army Civil Affairs Tactics Techniq. Proced. 535p.
2003 US Army Drill and Ceremonies 277p.
2003 US Army Peace Operations 191p.
2003 US Army Religious Support 201p.
2003 US Army The Army Universal Task List 450p.
2003 US Marines Afghanistan Intro to Country & People 67p.
2003 US Marines Drill and Ceremonies Manual 138p.
2003 US Navy Instructional Theory 160p.
2005 FEMA Decision Making & Problem Solving 122p.
2005 FEMA Effective Communication 158p.
2005 FEMA Leadership and Influence 191p.
FEMA Emergency Management for Business & Industry 81p.
US Army Domestic Operations 163p.
1960 US Army Vietnam Field Wire and Field Cable Techniques
1962 US Army Vietnam Film and Equipment Exchange Ops 131p.
1964 US Army Vietnam Topographic Symbols 149p.
1985 US Army Journalist Perform as Announcer & Maintain. 50p
1985 US Army Photojournalism I 82p.
1985 US Navy Aircraft Colors & Markings 308p.
1986 US Army Application of TV Test Equipment 97p.
1986 US Army Electronic Radio Wave Propagation Antennas 186p
1986 US Army TV and Audio Systems 64p.
1986 US Army TV Field Television Production 205p.
1987 US Army Basic TV Lighting Audio Scenery 65p.
1987 US Army Send a Radio Message 7p.
1987 US Army Tactical Single Channel Radio Techniques 186p.
1987 US Army TV Basic Lighting Techniques 46p.
1987 US Army TV Filming Uncontrolled Action 38p.
1987 US Army Visual Signals 72p.
1988 US Army TV Analyzing Color Vid. & Test Signals 80p.
1988 US Army TV Filming Controlled Action 41p.
1988 US Army TV Graphics Broadcast Journalists 25p.
1988 US Army TV Script Writing Ed. Visual Info Programs 83p
1989 US Army Journalist Planning & Product. Field & TV 33p.
1989 US Army Photojournalism II 46p.
1989 US Army Photojournalism III 34p.
1989 US Army Still Photography for Journalists 122p.
1990 US Army Electronic Journalism II 98p.
1990 US Army Journalism Advanced Broadcasting 1990 43pgs
1990 US Army TV Documentation Cinematography 49p.
1991 US Army Electronic Journalism I 76p.
1992 US Army Communications Jamming 77p.
1993 US Army Journalism Feature Writing & Editorials 57p.
1994 US Army Electronics Plan Tactical Telephone Sys. 73p.
1994 US Army Signal Data Ref. Signal Equipment 410p.
1997 US Multiservice Brevity Codes 34p.
1998 US Navy Radio Frequency Comm. Principles V17 201p.
1999 US Army Electronics Basic Communications Info 51.p
1999 US Army Electronics Radio Direction Finding 53p.
1999 US Marines Antenna Handbook 192p.
2001 US Marines Radio Operator’s Handbook 148p.
2002 US Army Comm. Procedures for Tactical Radio 92p.
2002 US Marines Communications for the FMF Marine 83p.
2003 US Marines Antenna Handbook 191p.
2003 US Multiservice Brevity Codes 50p.
2004 US Army Wave Propagation Trans. Lines Antennas 269p.
2005 Multiservice Tactics & Procedures Hi Freq. Radio 108p.
US Army Abbreviations & Codes 172p.
US Army Basic Circuits of TV Studio Equipment 65p.
US Army Effective Speaking 169p.

2001 US Army Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments V1 624p.
2001 US Army Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments V2 611p.
2001 US Army Medical Platoon Leader Handbook 224p.
2004 US Navy Manual of Naval Preventive Medicine 561p.
2005 US Army Medical General Chemistry 117p.
2005 US Army Medical Obstetric & Newborn Care I 185p.
2005 US Army Medical Obstetric & Newborn Care II 260p.
2005 US Army Medical Storage and Sanitation 135p.
2006 Medical Respiratory Diseases & Disorders 101p.
2006 US Army Medical Anesthesia Apparatus 61p.
2006 US Army Medical Compressor 57p.
2006 US Army Medical Environmental Diseases Injuries I 96p.
2006 US Army Medical Environmental Injuries 92p.
2006 US Army Medical Environmental Injuries II 79p.
2006 US Army Medical Health Care Ethics I 127p.
2006 US Army Medical Health Care Ethics II 202p.
2006 US Army Medical Immunization & Enviro. Injuries 157p.
2006 US Army Medical Inpatient Dispensing 60p.
2006 US Army Medical Laboratory Centrifuge 33p.
2006 US Army Medical Operating Room Table 42p.
2006 US Army Medical Parasitology I 124p.
2006 US Army Medical Pharmacology IV 195p.
2006 US Army Medical Surgical Dressing Sterilizer 64p.
*Plus 50 more Medical Books

Dental Books
2006 US Army Dental Chair JSA-R 77p.
2006 US Army Dental Specialist General Duties 75p.
2006 US Army Preventive Dentistry 102p.
US Army Dental Anatomy & Physiology Ed.200 169p.
US Army Dental Instrument Setups Ed.200 174p.
US Army Dental Materials Ed.100 99p.
US Army Dental Materials Ed.200 86p.
Health & Fitness
1970 US Army Vietnam Field Hygiene and Sanitation 90p.
1987 US Army The Army Weight Control Program 43p.
1996 US Navy Nutrition Weight Control Self Guide 123p.
1998 US Marines Personal Financial Management 151p.
1998 US Navy Personal Fitness Training Plan 16p.
1999 US Navy Peak from Nutrition & Exercise 132p.
2000 US Army Combat Stress 94p.
2000 US Army Field Hygiene 161p.
2001 US Army Soldier Stay Healthy at High Elevations 2p.
2002 US Marines Fitness Test & Body Comp. Program 124p.
2004 US Navy Manual of Naval Preventive Medicine 561p.
2004 US Navy Sexual Health Primer 79p.
2005 US Army Individual Safety Card 10p.
2006 US Army Mental Health 112p.
2006 US Army Psychosocial Issues 86p.
US Army Soldiers Guide to Stay Healthy 2p.
US Navy Muscular Exercise Program 7p.
Mechanic & Driver
1962 US Army Vietnam Vehicle Recovery Operations 168p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Military Jeep 4×4 Manual 182p.
1980 US Navy Driver’s Handbook 84p.
1983 M60 Tank Maint Manual 21p.
1983 USDOD Handbook for Rustproofing Vehicles 84p.
1988 US Army Mechanic-Elec. Sys. Component Repair 254p.
1991 US Army Mechanic Principles of Auto Electricity 112p.
1991 US Army Mechanic Principles of Auto Engines 77p.
1991 US Army Principles of Auto Electricity 57p.
1992 US Army Vehicle Unit Maintenance 1 622p.
US Army High Mobil. Multipurpose Wheeled Veh. (HMMWV) 59p
US Army Introduction to Wheeled Vehicles 60p.
US Army Mechanic Hand Tools 158p.
US Army Mechanic Internal Combust Engines 105p.
US Army Mechanic Metal Auto Body Repair 60p.
US Army Mechanic Principles Gas Diesel Fuel Systems 127p.
US Army Mechanic Supporting Services 158p.
US Army Mechanic Wheel Vehicle Clutches Trans Transfer 116p
US Army Mechanic Wheel Vehicle Elecrical Systems II 115p.
US Army Mechanic Wheel Vehicle Steering Systems 54p.
US Army Mechanic Wheel Vehicles Fuel & Exhaust Sys. 78p.
US Army Mechanic Wheeled Vehicle Brake Systems 88p.
US Army Mechanic Wheeled Vehicle Electrical Systems I 126p.
US Army Mechanic-Wheel Veh Drive Lines Axles Suspens. 81p.
US Army Mechanic-Wheel Vehicle Engines 162p.
US Army Simplified Test Equip- Intern Combust Engine 75p.

1942 US Navy WWII PT Boat Tactical Doctrine 134p.
1944 US Navy WWII Detail Specs for Building PT Boats 116p.
1945 US Navy WWII Know Your PT Boat 55p.
1991 US Navy Torpedoman’s Mate Second Class 204p.
1992 US Army Mechanic Cooling Water Marine Diesel Eng. 15p
1992 US Army Preventive Watercraft Maintenance 18p.
1992 US Navy Corrosion Control 306p.
1993 US Navy Civilian Diving Program 27p.
1994 US Army Introduction to Marine Electricity 369p.
1994 US Navy Master at Arms course 716p.
1995 US Army Painting of Watercraft 135p.
1996 US Army Watercraft Equip. Character. & Data 135p.
1996 US Army Watercraft Safety 251p.
1997 US Army Shipboard Operations 277p.
2000 US Army Military Diving 931p.
2000 US Navy Shipboard Pest Control 170p.
2001 US Marines Amphibious Ships & Landing Craft Data 39p.
2002 US Coast Guard You’re in Command – Boat Safely 13p.
2003 US Navy Maintainence Policy for U.S. Ships 74p.
2003 US Navy Nautical Skills Course Quartermaster 486p.
US Dept Ocean Engineering Maneuvering Marine Vehicles 200p.
US Navy – Emission Control (EMCON) 7p.
1968 US Army Vietnam Aerial Observer Techniques 71p.
1990 US Army Fundamentals of Aircraft Power Plants 140p.
1991 US Army Rotor & Power Train Maint. 67p.
1993 US Army Aviation Nondestructive Testing 75p.
1994 US Army Basic Aerodynamics 49p.
1994 US Army Basic Airframe Repair 104p.
1996 Op Manual UH-60A UH-60L EH-60A Helicopter 841p
1996 US Army Visual Aircraft Recognition 364p.
1997 US Army Attack Helicopter Operations 351p.
1997 US Army Helicopter Ops Utility and Cargo 179p.
2000 US Army Aeromedical Train Flight Personnel 235p
2000 US Army Aviation Maintenance 292p.
2002 US Army Aircraft Engine Gas Turbine 215p.
2003 US Army Aerial Delivery in Theater of Ops 56p.
2003 US Army Air Traffic Services Facility Operations 401p.
2003 US Navy Aviation Weather Student Guide 158p.
2004 Flight Operations Procedures 190p.
2004 US Marines Helicopterborne Operations 136p.

1976 US Army Railroad Military Railway Equipment 52p.
1976 US Army Railroad Rail Operations Theater 85p.
1999 US Navy Railway Operating Handbook 207p.
US Army Diesel Electric Locomotives 155p.
US Army Loading Blocking Bracing Rail Cars 96p.
US Army Maint Diesel Elec. Loco. Roll Stock 107p.
US Army Military Train Ops 125p.
US Army Rail Dispatching Operations 172p.
US Army Rail Operations 2003 233p.
US Army Rail Ops Planning 169p.
US Army Rail Yard Operations Ed. 7 172p.
US Army Railway Rolling Stock Ed. 4 144p.
US Army Railway Track Maintenance I Ed.8 120p.
US Army Railway Track Maintenance II Ed.1 120p.

Other Transportation
1981 US Army Military Skiing 61p.
1990 US Army Foot Marches 130p.
1992 US Army Direct Fuel System Supply Point Ops 37p.
2001 US Marines Transportation Operations 99p.
2002 US Army Deployment Fort-to-Fort 213p.
2002 US Navy Naval Space 318p.
2003 US Army Movement Control 277p.
1990 US Navy Wood Protection 226p.
1995 US Army Engineer Carpentry 223p.
1995 US Army Engineer Carpentry I 117p.
1995 US Army Engineer Carpentry II 104p.
1995 US Army Engineer Carpentry III 66p.
Construction & Engineering
1960 US Army Vietnam Engineers Infantry Division 202p.
1962 US Army Vietnam Field Paint Letters Stencils 141p.
1963 US Army Vietnam Engineer Shore Assault Unit 113p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Engineer Battalion Airborne Div. 47p.
1967 US Army Vietnam Engineers Nondiv. Combat Unit 122p.
1986 US Army General Engineering 162p.
1986 US Navy Blast Resistant Structures 358p.
1988 US Army Engineer Landscape Design & Planting 60p.
1989 US Navy Weed Control & Plant Growth Reg. 179p.
1990 US Marines Heavy Construction Equipment – Grader 39p.
1990 US Marines Heavy Construction Equipment – Scraper 37p.
1992 US Army Engineer Builders Hardware 16p.
1992 US Army Engineer Construction Management Course 52p.
1994 US Navy Blueprint Reading Sketching 221p.
1994 US Navy Expedient Repair of Utility Systems 49p.
1995 US Navy Naval Construction Force Seabee 1 & C 303p.
1996 US Army Engineer Survey I-Math & Survey Princip. 166p.
1997 US Army Topographic Operations 157p.
2001 US Army Engineer Survey III Topograph.Geodetic 283p.
2001 US Army Topographic Surveying 330p.
2001 USDOD Inspection Mainten.Test-Fire Protect Sys. 39p.
2001 USDOD Systems Engineering Fundamentals 222p.
2002 US Army Engineer Mil. Nonstandard Fixed Bridging 558p.
2002 US Marines Engineering Operations 89p.
2003 US Army Contractors on the Battlefield 124p.
2004 US Army Corps of Engineers Diving Operations 54p.
2004 US Army Engineer Operations FM 3-34 339p.
2004 USDOD Fire Protect. Engineering for Facilities 119p.
2004 USDOD Tropical Engineering 92p.
2006 US Army Engineer Design Forms for Concrete Wall 47p.
US Army Engineer Cartography I Map Mathematics 183p.
US Army Engineer Cartography II 146p.
US Army Engineer Cartography III Aerial Photo. 103p.
US Army Engineer Cartography IX Map Overlays 72p.
US Army Engineer Cartography VII Color Separation 96p.
US Army Engineer Cartography VIII Map Editing 88p.
US Army Engineer Field Fortifications Course 215p.
US Army Engineer Intelligence & Recon 456p.
USDOD Protective Coatings and Paints
1985 US Army Welding Design Procedures Inspection 96p.
1991 US Navy Welding Materials Handbook 215p.
2002 US Navy Underwater Cutting & Welding 200p.
US Army Welding Operations I 113p.
US Army Welding Operations II 80p.
US Army Welding Theory 52p.

1988 US Army Machinist Milling Machine Operations 52p.
1993 US Navy Machinist Machinery Repairman 406p.
1996 US Army Machinist Fundamentals-Machine Tools 310p.
US Army Machinist Band Saw Operations Ed. 8 101p.
US Army Machinist Drafting Shop Drawing 117p.
US Army Machinist Lathe Operations Ed. 8 140p.
US Army Machinist Machine Shop Calculation Ed.7 127p.
US Army Machinist Metal Prop. Characteristics Codes 98p.
US Army Machinist Milling Machine Operations 81p.
US Army Machinist Precision Measuring & Guaging 96p.
US Army Machinist Precision Measuring Instruments 50p.
US Army Machinist Shop Safety Ed. 9 83p.

Electrical & Electronics
1984 US Army Electrical Power Plant Design 135p.
1985 US Army Electrical Cathodic Protection 60p.
1985 US Army Electrical Lightning Static Elec. Protect. 20p
1990 USDOD Soldering Electronics 212p.
*Plus 25 More Books!

1990 US Navy Fluid Power 206p.
1994 US Army Basic Hydraulic Systems 67p.
1994 US Army Basic Hydraulics and its Plumbing 76p.
1997 US Army Hydraulics 172p.
1999 US Army Engineer Const.Equip.Repairer Hydraulics 82p

2002 US Navy Illus. Draftsman 1 Equip. 372p.
2002 US Navy Illus. Draftsman 2 Drafting Pract.Theory 428p.
2003 US Navy Illus. Draftsman 3 Execution. Practices 582p
2003 US Navy Illus. Draftsman 4 Presentation Graphics 272p.

Heating & Cooling
1990 US Navy Maint. & Op of Active Solar Heating Sys. 277p.
1992 USDOE Instrumentation & Control Temp Detector 280p.
1992 USDOE Thermodynam.Heat Trans.Fluid Flow 1 138p.
1992 USDOE Thermodynam.Heat Trans.Fluid Flow 3 102p.
1995 USDOD Heating,Vent,Air Cond.Dehumid.Sys. 227p.
2002 USDOD Active Solar Preheat Systems 98p.
2004 USDOD Passive Solar Buildings 201p.
2004 USDOD Solar Heating of Build. & Hot Water 167p.
US Army Engineer Refriger. & Air Cond. I Fundamentals 86p.
USDOE Fire – Primer on Spontaneous Heating and Pyrophoricite

2001 US Army Plumbing Pipe-Fitting Sewerage 340p.
US Army Plumbing I Prepare Plumbing Takeoff List 25p.
US Army Plumbing II Water Supply 78p.
US Army Plumbing III Waste Systems 102p.
US Army Plumbing IV Plumbing Fixtures 96p.
US Army Plumbing V Repair Valve Fixture Control Devices 57p
US Army Plumbing VI Clear Waste Sys. Stoppages 32p.


1985 US Navy Basic Maths and Algebra 304p.
1986 US Navy Math Stats, Number Systems, Boolean Alg. 226p
1991 US Army Basic Statistics 118p.
1992 US Dept. Of Energy – Classical Physics 142p.
1992 US Dept. Of Energy – Mathematics 1of2 206p.
1992 US Dept. Of Energy – Mathematics 2of2 112p.
1992 US Navy Time Conversion 50p.
1993 US Dept. Of Energy – Chemistry 1of2 140p.
1993 US Dept. Of Energy – Chemistry 2of2 138p.
1996 US Army Engineer – Geology 109p.
1996 US Army Powers of Ten, Convers. of Elect. Units 64p.
1997 US Army Reading Comp.Study Methods,Time Management 91p.
2005 US Army Basic Math-Convers.Factors.Comm.Formula 2p.
US Army Basic Mathematics I Add Sub. Multiply Divide 75p.
US Army Basic Mathematics II Decimal Fractions 48p.
US Army Basic Mathematics III Area and Volume 55p.
US Army Basic Mathematics IV Ratio and Proportion 33p.
US Army Units Of Measure and Conversion Factors
Music, Art & Design
1969 US Army Vietnam The Military Band 105p.
1978 US Army Piano and Guitar 69p.
1985 US Army Graphics Draw Objects in Perspective 47p.
1986 US Navy Ear Training For Musicians 94p.
1990 US Navy Music Harmony 112p.
1991 US Army Realistic Drawing 86p.
1991 US Navy Basic Music 64p.
1994 US Army Graphics Lettering Techniques 87p.
1994 US Army Graphics Prepare Overlays 143p.
1999 US Army Bands 206p.
2001 US Army Music Percussion Techniques 110p.
2005 US Army Band Section Leader Handbook 70p.


FREE! U.S. World War II
1917 US Army WWI Rifle M1917 US Enfield GPO 33p.
1936 US Army WWII Radio Receiver Instructions BC-224A 88p.
1940 US Army WWII Browning Automatic Rifle BAR .30 231p.
1940 US Army WWII Defense Against Chemical Attack 158p.
1940 US Army WWII Pistol M1911 Automatic .45 Caliber
1940 US Army WWII Rifle M1903 237p.
1941 US Army WWII Pistols and Revolvers 32p
1941 US Army WWII Scout Cars M3 4.2 Mortar 220p.
1942 US Air Force WWII Radio Manual BC-348 Radios 88p.
1942 US Army WWII Binoculars GI Field Glass 25p.
1942 US Army WWII Decontam. of Armored Force Vehicles 91p.
1942 US Army WWII Logistics 102p.
1942 US Army WWII Rifles .22 Caliber 144p. Rifle
1942 US Army WWII Shotguns All Types 258p.
1942 US Army WWII Supply Division Armored Battalion 36p.
1942 US Army WWII Telescope Panoramic War M8 28p.
1942 US Army WWII Thompson Submachine Gun .45 14p. (in Machine Guns)
1942 US Army WWII Trains Train HQ Co. Armored Div. 32p.
1942 US Navy WWII PT Boat Tactical Doctrine 134p.
1942 US Army WWII Truck Kenworth M1 Heavy Wrecking 272p.
1943 US Army WWII Deere Model 7 Field Plow Bottom Disc 42p.
1943 US Army WWII US Sniper Rifle w Sight .30 Cal M1903A4
1943 US Navy WWII 5 Inch Gun Operations Manual 102p.
1943 US Army WWII Bayonet Training Manual 65p. Knife
1944 US Army WWII Northern France 52p.
1944 US Army WWII Truck Ford 1.5 Ton 267p.
1944 US Navy WWII 16 Inch Gun Range Tables 72p.
1944 US Navy WWII Detail Specs for Building PT Boats 116p.
1944 US Navy WWII ECM Mark 2 Cipher Machine 107p.
1945 US Army WWII Graves Registration Manual 62p. FM 10-63
1945 US Army WWII Remagen Bridgehead 65p.
1945 US Army WWII Statistical Review of World War Two 266p.
1945 US Navy WWII Know Your PT Boat 55p.
1945 US Navy WWII Radar Operators Manual 407p.
1946 US Navy WWII Intro to Radio Equipment 308p.
1947 US Navy WWII 8 Inch 3 gun Turrets 220p.
1954 Mosin-Nagant 1891-1944 Rifles Carbines Sniper 37p.
1954 US Army WWII Guide to Foreign Military Studies 1945-54
1956 US Army WWII Airborne Ops in World War Two 244p.
WWII 1942 British Sten Mk II Carbine 9mm 9p.
WWII British Lee Enfield Rifles Operators Manual 11p.
WWII German Luger Pistol Manual 19p.
WWII M1 Carbine Rifle Manual 97p.
WWII OSS Covert Spy Disguise Methods 11p.
WWII Walther P-38 Owners Manual 24p
1941 US Army WWII German Antitank Reg. NonTask Missions 5p.
1941 US Army WWII German Armored Assault Artillery 7p.
1942 US Army WWII German Armored Division 57p.
1942 US Army WWII German Defense Tactics Cyrenaica 67p
1942 US Army WWII German Enemy Air-Borne Forces 110p.
1942 US Army WWII German Luger Pistol Manual 19p.
1942 US Army WWII German Military Training 113p
1942 US Army WWII German Rifle Company 390p.
1942 US Army WWII German Tactical Doctrine 95p.
1942 US Army WWII German Warfare Methods Libyan Desert 50p.
1943 US Army WWII German Coastal Defences 98p.
1943 US Army WWII German Hitler War Diary Greiner 218p.
1943 US Army WWII German Infantry Weapons 203p.
1943 US Army WWII German Squad in Combat 129p.
1943 US Army WWII German Winter Warfare 246p.
1944 US Army WWII German 21st Panzer Division France 76p.
1944 US Army WWII German Army Company Officer Hndbk 141p.
1944 US Army WWII German Attempts on Hitler 30p.
1944 US Army WWII German Mountain Warfare 136p.
1944 US Army WWII German Preps for Offensive Ardennes 296p.
1944 US Army WWII German Ski Training and Tactics 118p.
1945 US Army WWII German 116th Panzer Div. Ardennes 37p.
1951 US Army WWII German Def. vs Russian Breakthroughs 99p.
1953 US Army WWII German Experience Desert Warfare 98p.
1953 US Army WWII German Germans In Balkans 1941 179p.
1953 US Army WWII German Military Literature 94p.
1953 US Army WWII German Small Unit Actions In Russia 313p.
1954 US Army WWII German Antiguerrilla in Balkans 94p.
1955 US Army WWII German Plan & Ops Russia 1940-42 205p.
1942 US Army WWII Japanese Ground Air Forces 131p.
1942 US Army WWII Japanese on Malayan Front 26p.
1942 US Army WWII Japanese Warfare 24p.
1942 US Army WWII Japanese Warfare Bulletin 12 36p.
1944 US Army WWII Japanese Tank and Tactics 89p.
1945 US Army WWII Japanese Mortars Grenade 41p.
1945 US Army WWII Japanese Parachute Troops 68p.


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A specially selected variety of vintage antique books of essential reading.(many from Harvard Library!) Many are HUGE and packed with great photographs, drawings and plans. A library well worth the price alone, and written by experts when these subjects were still everyday life

Sun Tzu – The Art of War
1594 His True Art Of Defense (Swordsmanship Manual) 194 Pages
1645 The Book Of Five Rings – Samurai Miamoto Musashi 55 Pages
1830 The History of Chivalry and the Crusades 323 Pages!
1840 The Book Of Archery 590 Pages!!!
1844 The Horseman – Horsemanship and Sabre 165p.
1853 History of the Guillotine 106p.
1854 The Life of Sir William Wallace – Scottish Hero 153 Pages
1859 Falconry 383 pages!
1861 The Militiaman’s Manual of Rapier and Broad-sword without Master 150p
1864 The Manual of Chess 137 Pages
1866 The Book of Knots 48p.
1868 Life Among The Apaches 338 Pages!
1878 How to Hunt and Trap 248 Pages
1879 The Gladiator – Life Unter the Roman Empire 273 Pages
1880 History of the Zulu War 285p.
1888 Attila – King of the Huns 578 pages!!!
1889 The Art of Deer Stalking 498 Pages!!
1890 The Historical Castles of Scottish Highlands 470 Pages!!
1891 The Atlatl or Spear Thrower of the Ancient Mexicans 69 Pages
1894 North American Bows Arrows and Quivers 313 Pages!
1898 Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts 373 Pages!
1899 Arrowpowints, Spearheads, Knives in Prehistoric Times 405 Pages!!
1899 Practical Blacksmithing 303 Pages!
1900 The Iroquois 140p.
1902 History of the American Fur Trade in the West – A History of Pioneer Trading Posts 159 Pages
1905 Bushido – The Soul of Japan 246p.
1907 The Handbook of Arms and Armor 325 Pages!
1907 The Cherokee Indians 141 Pages
1908 A History of the Ancient Egyptians 511 Pages!!!
1908 Log Cabins & Cottages, How to Build and Furnish 142p.
1908 Wilderness Homes 248p.
1909 Science Of Trapping 257p.
1909 The Navajos 182p.
1909 Tracks and Tracking by Josef Brunner 236 Pages
1911 Harper’s Camping and Scouting 429 Pages!!
1911 The Civil War 267 Pages
1912 The Spartan 485 Pages!!
1913 Royal Castles of England 480 Pages!!
1913 The Vikings 181 Pages
1914 The Canoe – Its Selection, Care and Use 189 Pages
1915 Complete Science of Fly Fishing and Spinning 560 Pages!!!
1916 Hunting with the Bow and Arrow, Ishi, the last of the Yani 161 Pages
1917 Pioneering the West 1846 to 1878 314 Pages!
1918 Camouflage for the Troops of the Line (World War One!) 27 Pages
1918 The Hopi Indian Collection in US Nat. Museum 143p.
1919 The American Hunting Dog 280 Pages
1920 The Philosopy of Fire 210p.
1922 The American Indian 525 Pages!!!
1922 The Cowboy – Characteristics and Equipment 383 Pages!
1940s World War II OSS Disguise Methods 11 Pages



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