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U.S. Special Forces & Sniper Ebooks

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U.S. Special Forces & Sniper

Training Ebooks Collection

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1961 US Army Vietnam Guerrilla Warfare & Special Ops 258p.
1965 US Army Vietnam Special Forces Handbook 49p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Primer Pamphlet 41p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Signal Battalion Airborne Div. 106p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Unconventional Incendiaries 81p.
1972 US Army Vietnam Military Dog Basic Training Care 115p.
1973 US Army Vietnam Scout Dog Training & Employment
1986 US Army Counterguerilla Operations 257p.
1986 US Marines Counterguerilla Operations 256p.
1987 US Army Ranger Unit Operations 194p.
1989 US Marines Mao Tse-Tung On Guerrilla Warfare 130p.
1990 US Army Airborne Operations 303p.
1990 US Marines The Guerrilla and How to Fight Him 334p.
1991 US Army Recon and Surveillance Support 227p.
1991 US Marines Spetsnaz Russian Special Forces 47p.
1992 US Army Ranger Handbook 235p.
1995 US Army Long Range Surveillance Unit Ops 288p.
1996 US Army Air Assault Division Operations 227p.
1996 US Marines Flame Riot Control Agents Herbicide 128p.
1997 US Army Standards in Weap. Training for Spec Ops 56p.
2000 US Army Battlefield Recovery,Evac. of Aircraft 188p.
2000 US Army Ranger Handbook 233p.
2001 US Marines Individual Terrorism Survival 138p.
2002 US Army Pathfinder Operations 172p.
2002 US Marines Combating Terrorism 143p.
2003 US Army Stability and Support Ops 232p.
2004 US Army Military Guide To 21st Cent. Terrorism 364p.
2004 US Navy Anatomy of a Hostage Rescue 209p.
2005 US Army Military Working Dogs 135p.
2005 US Army Space Support to Army Operations 130p.
US Army Special Forces Caching (stashing) 10p.
US Army Vietnam Viet Cong Mines & Boobytraps 67p.


Special Forces Ebooks com Survival Sniper


Special Forces Ebooks com Survival Sniper Ammo

FREE BONUS!   U.S. Military Sniper Training

1954 Mosin-Nagant 1891-1944 Rifles Carbines Sniper 37p.
1968 US Army Vietnam M14 M14A M2 Bipod Rifle 68p.
1969 US Army Vietnam M1 Garand Rifle Snipers 43p.
1989 US Army Sniper Training & Employment 97p.
1994 US Army Sniper Training 327p.
2004 US Marines Sniping 203p.
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“The Ultimate Survival Archive” All rights reserved.
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