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U.S. Military Intelligence, Police, K9 & Security
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1954 US Army Official UFO Manual 25p.
1986 US Army Intelligence & Electronic Warfare Ops 324p.
1987 US Army Photography in Climatic Extremes 30p.
1990 US Army Intelligence Analysis 429p.
1992 US Army Intelligence Interrogation 177p.
1993 US Army Counterintelligence Liaison Activities 56p.
1993 US Army Use of Intelligence Products 135p.
1994 US Army Introduction to the Intel. Analyst 31p.
1995 US Army Captured Document Handling 35p.
1995 US Army Counter Intelligence 229p.
1995 US Army Intelligence Preparation Of Battlefield 279p.
1995 US Army Interrogation Approaches 31p.
1995 US Army Interrogation Operations 80p.
1996 US Army Interrogation Use of Interpreters 23p.
1996 US Navy Intel Specialist 3 & 2 Vol 1 402p.
1997 US Army Interrogation Questioning Techniques 35p.
1997 US Army Strategic Intelligence 94p.
1998 US Army Counterintelligence Investigations 95p.
1998 US Army Intelligence in Combating Terrorism 98p.
1998 US Army Intelligence in Sup. of Internal Def. Ops 63p.
1998 US Army Intelligence Officers Handbook 212p.
1998 US Army Interrogation Screening Operations 48p.
1998 US Army Interrogation Terminate an Interrogation 23p.
1998 US Army Intro to Battlefield Tech Intelligence 57p.
1998 US Army Technical Intelligence 191p.
1999 US Army Intelligence Officer Responsibilities 51p.
1999 US Marines Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) 123p.
2000 US Marines Geographic Intelligence (GEOINT) 203p.
2002 US Marines Imagery Intelligence 210p.
2003 FBI Guide to Concealable Weapons 89p.
2003 US Army Information Operations 314p.
2004 US Army Intelligence 211p.
2004 US Operational Law Handbook 563p.
2005 US Army PSYOPS Psychological Ops Leaders Guide 80p.
CIA Psychological Ops in Guerrilla Warfare 64p.
CIA Real Life Spy Gear From CIA Site 2p.


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1966 US Army Vietnam Fingerprinting 17p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Polygraph Examinations 9p.
1967 US Army Vietnam Crimes Involving Poisons 17p.
1967 US Army Vietnam Enemy Prisoners and Civillian 81p.
1967 US Army Vietnam Invest. Assault Suicide Homicide 25p.
1968 US Army Vietnam Civil Disturb. and Disasters 214p.
1969 US Army Vietnam Military Police Support Arm. Div. 64p
1971 US Army Vietnam Guard Duty 122p.
1977 US Army Military Police Traffic Operations 245p.
1985 US Army Civil Disturbances 160p.
1985 US Army Law Enforcement Investigations 281p.
1987 US Army Military Police Law and Order Operations 238p.
1993 US Army Military Police Investig. Sup.Materials 393p.
1993 US Army The Army Physical Security Program 64p.
1995 US Army Military Police Tactics Techn. Proced. 88p.
1997 US Army Public Affairs Operations 77p.
1999 US Army Operations Security (OPSEC) 52p.
2001 US Army Military Police Internment Resettle. Ops 317p.
2001 US Army Physical Security 317p.
2001 US Navy Physical Security 119p.
2002 US Army Military Police Leaders Handbook 640p.
2005 US Army Civil Disturbance Operations 256p.
2005 US Army Command & Control of Detainee Ops 19p.
2006 US Army Civil Disturbance Operations 115p.
2006 US Army Military Police Interview Investig. Appreh. 86p
2006 US Army Military Police MP Detainee Proced. Ops 53p.

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