The Archers Archery Ebook  Library

The Archer’s Library

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The Archer’s Library

15 Best Rare Antique Archery Books

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1. 1840 The Book Of Archery 590 Pages!!!

2. 1859 Archery – It’s Theory and Practice 2nd Ed.-Ford 176 Pages

3. 1875 The History of the Royal Company of Archers 448 Pages!!

4. 1878 The Witchery Of Archery – Maurice Thompson 282 Pages

5. 1887 Archery – It’s Theory and Practice Newest Ed- Ford 346 Pages!

6. 1894 North American Bows Arrows and Quivers 313 Pages!

7. 1901 Archery by Charles James Longman, Henry Walrond 607 Pages!!!!

8. 1914 American Archery 344 Pages!

9. 1916 Hunting with the Bow and Arrow, Ishi The Last Yana 161 Pages

10. 1918 Saxton Pope – Yahi Archery 92p.

11. 1826 Robin Hood – Poems, Songs and Ballads 127p

12. 1850 Robin Hood and Little John 299 Pages

13. 1892 The Foresters – Robin Hood and Maid Marian 195p.

14. 1915 The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood 330 Pages!


15. FREE BONUS 1899 Arrowpoints, Spearheads, and Knives of
Prehistoric Times 405 Pages!! HUGE!!

Centuries of Archery knowledge and expertise, many times more than even Robin Hood could have ever possessed…and then some. These are an obvious must have for any serious archer, hunter, survivalist, warrior, or historian. This information is priceless to those who love the bow and arrow – it’s primitive essential importance, a stringed musical instument, it’s affects on mankind’s history, the adventurous stories and legends, a favorite subject inart and sculpture, as a decisive weapon, a deadly hunting tool, and an Olympic sport dating back to ancient times. We have found and compiled these great titles and organized them into complete library download.


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