Special Forces Ebooks com Survival Close Combat

U.S. Military Combat Skills & Close Combat Training

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Special Forces Ebooks com Survival Combat Soldier

U.S. Military Combat Skills & Close Combat

Training Ebooks Collection

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(All Included!)
1961 US Army Vietnam Armored Division Brigade 139p.
1961 US Army Vietnam Bayonet Care M4 M5 M6 16p.
1961 US Army Vietnam Tank Unit Platoon Company Bat. 297p.
1962 US Army Vietnam Barrier & Denial Ops
1962 US Army Vietnam Combat Train Soldier Patrol 220p.
1963 US Army Vietnam Armor Operations 375p.
1963 US Army Vietnam Rifle Squad Fire Tactics 136p.
1964 US Army Vietnam Tank Gunnery 259p.
1965 US Army Vietnam Boobytraps 130p.
1965 US Army Vietnam Div. and Armored Air Cavalry 285p.
1966 US Army Vietcong Improvised Booby Traps 28p.
1966 US Army Vietnam Claymore Mine M18A1 M18 43p.
1967 US Army Vietnam Ops of Army Forces in the Field 133p
1967 US Army Vietnam Rear Area Protection 131p.
1968 US Army Vietnam Camouflage 104p.
1968 US Army Vietnam Night Vision Sight 37p.
1968 US Army Vietnam Silencers Principles, Evaluations 112p
1969 US Marines Vietnam Spec Issue Mines & Boobytraps 74p.
1975 US Army Mine Card 12p.
1978 US Marines Marine Rifle Company 417p.
1984 US Army Combat Skills of the Soldier 249p.
1990 US Army Camouflage 81p.
1990 US Army Infrared Imagery 50p.
1990 US Army Mine Recognition & Warfare Hndbk 193p.
1990 US Army Smoke Operations 15p.
1992 US Army Infantry Rifle Platoon & Squad 409p.
1992 US Navy Fireman 334p.
1994 US Army Land Mines Army Ammunition Data Sheets 139p.
1994 US Army Smoke Squad Platoon Operations 207p.
1994 US Navy Mineman Volume 1 54p.
1994 US Navy Mineman Volume 2 3 & 2 92p.
1994 US Navy Mineman Volume 3 3 & 2 84p.
1994 US Navy Mineman Volume 5 60p.
1995 US Navy Mineman Volume 2 1 & C 92p.
1995 U.S. Marine Corps Ground Combat Operations 185p.
1995 US Army ATC Contingency & Combat Zone Ops 62p.
1996 US Army Tank Platoon 296p.
1996 US Marines Flame Riot Control Agents Herbicide 128p.
1996 US Navy Seabee Combat Handbook Vol 2 162p.
1997 Multiservice J Fire 100p.
1997 US Army Combat Leaders Guide Army Research Inst. 229p.
1997 US Army Rappelling 145p.
1997 US Marines Warfighting 113p.
1998 US Army Combat Stress Control In A Theater Of Ops 255p.
1998 US Army NLW Non Lethal Weapons 91p.
1998 US Navy Mineman Volume 7 214p.
1999 US Army Camouflage Concealment and Decoys 96p.
1999 US Army Combined Arms for Air Defense 69p.
1999 US Army Vehicle Scout Platoon 548p.
2000 US Army Ordnance and Explosives Response 184p.
2000 US Marines Night Warrior Handbook 135p.
2000 US Marines Rear Area Operations 95p.
2000 US Marines Scouting and Patrolling 109p.
2000 US Navy Commanders Antiterror Protect Naval Ops 30p
2001 US Army Infantry Recon Platoon & Squad 327p.
2001 US Army Infantry Rifle Platoon & Squad 411p.
2001 US Army Nonlethal Munitions 4p.
2001 US Multiservice Procedures Unexploded Ops 81p.
2002 US Army Combined Arms Breaching Operations 149p.
2002 US Army Machine Gunner’s Card 2p.
2002 US Army Mine Countermine Operations 512p.
2002 US Army Non-Commissioned Officer’s Guide 210p.
2002 US Army Tactical Antiarmor Platoon Company 349p.
2002 US Army Tactics, Field Artillery Target Acq. 335p.
2002 US Marines Ground Combat Operations 186p.
2002 US Marines MWTC Assault Climbers Handbook 296p.
2002 US Marines Raid Operations 169p.
2003 US Army Combat Service Support 234p.
2003 US Army Combined Arms Obstacle Integration 178p.
2003 US Army IET Initial Entry Training Soldier Hndbk 583p.
2003 US Army Static Line Parachute Techniq. Training 436p.
2003 US Army Stryker BCT Battalion Recon Platoon 345p.
2003 US Army Tactical Employment of Nonlethal Weapons 168p.
2003 US Marines Marine Rifle Squad 340p.
2003 US Marines UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations 64p.
2003 US Navy Mineman Volume 3 77p.
2004 US Marines Physical Readiness Combat Training 218p.
2005 US Marines Marine Corps Tank Employment 163p.
2006 US Army Soldier’s Common Tasks Warrior Skills 1 696p.
2006 US Army Tactical Combat Casualty & Wound Care 177p.
US Army Code of the US Fighting Force 16p.
US Army Historical Study of Night Combat
US Army How to Kill Tanks 31p.
US Army Smoke Pots 26p.





U.S. Close Combat Training

(includes MCMAP!! Marine Corps Martial Arts Program!)

1992 US Army Combatives Hand to Hand 227p.
1999 US Marines Close Combat 113p.
2002 US Marines MCMAP Marine Corps Martial Arts 114p.
US Army Vietnam Special Forces Only Hand to Hand Fighting
US Army West Point Boxing Trainers Manual 50p.
US Marine Corps Bayonet Training 89p.


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“The Ultimate Survival Archive” All rights reserved.
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