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The Versatile Tomahawk  by M. Redfish  6–17–06

I once asked a great man who was a master blacksmith, “If there was one all around weapon to choose etc.?” I had always figured the knife, or in more primitive terms, the sharp edge… He replied without delay “an ax is a perfect weapon and one of the most versitile ancient tools known to man”. That was something that started me thinking a lot about the most basic, minimal, most useful, most significant things in life and everything I do (which led to an huge interest in primitive living and history).

Historical use of the hand ax and tomahawk has proven itself beyond doubt. From Vikings, to Franks, to Native Americans etc.

Length is much important added reach, in combat, one inch is victory or a busted skull

A knife with the same length lacks the weight balance forward delivering heavy blows

A knife of the same length only allows one end to be held, the hawk can be choked up where the fingers would be cut off using the knife in such a way

Can be used with both hands, thumb to thumb grip like a staff, handle is small club

For Sentry removal (guards), a large steel spike to the top of the head would be instantly fatal, helmet or not.

Weapon has undeniable weight and feel that increases user confidence when using it in a silent attack.

The side of the hawk head can be used as a hammer

A lot of leverage can be gained when used as a prying tool

Can be sunk deep into many surfaces or hooked around things to use as a handle or stop/slow downward slides from rock, shingles, tree etc.

Even after digging in dirt for hours, the deadliness of the weapon is hardly affected.

Choping wood with the fighting hawk is a little more work, but does the job of a camp ax.

Many interior doors can be hit a few times down the middle and kicked in

Concrete blocks can be busted away

It can be thrown at small game while hunting to injure or kill for survival

The back spike can flatten even large hard to puncture enemy vehicle tires.

Can be used to jam up machinery, gears, etc.

Busting out windows and busting up most anything is possible

Knife hand attacks, like a judo chop, can be proformed against the same targets learned in unarmed combat. Using the hawks edge to hit the target choked all the way up on the grip.

Crates, wooden boxes, lumber and limbs can be split up for fire fuel

Butchering large game and hacking bone

Dig out a canoe that can travel thousands of miles by water quickly and with gear

For its size and weight, it has thousands of uses

A hawk can be sharpened like a razor if need be, but is still a valuable weapon, club and hammer even when dull.

The hawk can be used to hook arms, legs and weapons in combat. Can be used to hook countless other things, like help climbing, as a hook to retrieve things with 550 cord or a rope

Its double sided blade and spike means an attack can be made swinging in either direction

Choking up on the handle increases speed due to balance closer to the hand, very fast in the closest of combat. Even a whip of the wrist while choked way up the handle is enough to kill.

A hit to the head of a large animal, such as a bear or wolf can drop it instantly, a knife cannot. A knife will kill but odds are you will sustain serious injuries even if you win.

Electrical wires can be cut without fear of shock.

Most metal containers and helmets can be easily punctured where a knife would break


Mostly indestructible….it is the 3 year old with a hammer idea, but for combat.

Intimidating…..Charles Manson said, not many people can relate to being shot, everyone fears being cut.

Sharpening large numbers of wooden tent or trap stakes or spears takes just a few chops

A rope under stress  of weight can be chopped in an instant where a knife, especially a little dulled, could take minute or more

Axes are irreplaceable to Fire Fighters for many of these reasons

The side of the hawk can be an option for less lethal blows to an enemy.

Can chip and bust away at things frozen in ice, or dig a hole in ice for fishing.

A tomahawk can be used as a knife, but a knife cant be used like the tomahawk.

Head of hawk can be magnetized for picking up and retrieving metal objects.

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