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The Amazing WD-40! (…right?)                                                                                    by M. Redfish

Since there may be people who have a different favorite in mind when it comes to this kind of product, I am putting it out there to see what people have to say, good or bad, support or replace for WD-40. For myself, when needing this kind of product, this is the one at the the top of the list.

WD-40 stands for Water Displacement, 40th formula.  Invented in 1953 by Norm Larsen, founder of the Rocket Chemical Company in San Diego California. Originally designed to protect things from water and corrosion like rust. First used to protect the outer skin and inner ballon tanks made of stainless steel that were so thin they had to be kept inflated when empty so the wouldnt collapse.

This is simply some of the most amazing stuff man has ever invented. Can you imagine the number of times it has saved the day for people working with rust. I know working on all my old muscle cars over the years, there have been so many times things would have never happened without WD-40. I also remember how many days different projects were put off until I either went out right then and grabbed a can or waited until the next day or two when I could. A person simply can’t imagine the billions upon billions of hours of labor saved, parts not broken and knuckles not busted any give week because of WD-40.

Have you ever wondered about what was in WD-40 or what it does exactly? Here you go. Wikipedia can give you a long scientific explaination but I will sum it all up quick. I have always heard that WD-40 was just a cleaner and went away in a few days, and you are supposed to follow up the WD-40 cleaning with a heavier oil. Well that wasn’t completely true. A basic way to look at it is that WD-40 is for light lubrication jobs, honing oil (like 3-1n-1 oil) are for medium lubrication, next would be motor oils, and finally grease.

First in San Diago stores in 1958 and was instantly useful in home and commercial uses. If you want to be amazed by a product and add something ultimately useful to your hoarding list, check out this site for  WD-40 You can also join the WD-40 Fan Club on there and get sent email tips

WD-40 ingredients are a trade secret. It is made of non-volatile lubricating and crevices penetrating oil, carbon dioxide gas pressure forces the liquid out and then evaporates away. Its 51% mineral spirits, 25% carbon dioxide propellant, 15% light lubricating mineral oil, and 10% inert ingredients.

Here is an on going Quick List I am putting together focusing on what I believe to be the most useful and creative ideas for this amazing stuff.

HERE IS A GREAT LINK TO THE LIST BELOW  and if you go to the bottom of the screen and make the box appear, you can save a PDF copy of this list below (and don’t forget to add it to your favorites).

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