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Intruder  Security Ideas for Your Home       by M. Redfish

CaptureWiz2604-203x300   Naturally, one of the top deterrents  to an intruder or burglar is a BEWARE OF DOG sign, even if there is no dog. Except for the lazy, sleepy types that don’t care whats going on, these furry, loud, and toothy alarms are never powered off and can think. Many dogs are so loyal they will die to protect their family, so why would an intruder risk this gamble with most all the other houses not having this sign at all. Also, a sign in two languages is worth two signs (just like it is said that someone who can speak to two languages is said to be worth two people, three worth three people and so on). Be sure to have a picture of a guard type dog on the sign as well (no cute poodles either) because if the intruder cant read it i.e.. is illiterate, poor eyesight, or you put it up in a place with poor lighting, it wont matter what it says. But with the picture of a wicked beast and its large teeth, its a very cheap powerful addition of protection using only a natural fear possessed by even the dumbest or most aggressive scumbags. CaptureWiz2625-215x300Another great sign on the front door is “SMILE, Security Cameras In Use” along with a picture of a security camera on it (again, a picture is a universal language). By the time the person gets up to the door, they realize they have already been recorded and will almost always choose to walk away before doing something illegal after seeing the sign.


DONT TELL ANYONE ANYTHING ONLINE that could harm you. “HELLO EVERYBODY ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Just left for a week in the islands!! COME ROB OUR HOUSE!! or  “Hey everybody, hope u loved my sexy selfie pics! just sitting home alone since my husband is 900 miles away at his parents”

CaptureWiz2626-300x249SO DO NOT tell everyone in the world on FACEBOOK that you are going away from home on vacation or for any other reason! How many “friends of friends” do a lot of people not know at all on their friends list. Just because someone knows someone that you know, it doesnt mean your friend would personally vouch for what kind of person they are. Mail left in your mailbox shows that no one has been home in a number of days, or that day’s mail shows that no one has come home for the day yet. A wall timer is a great and very cheap security investment. The common type that you plug in the wall and then plug a lamp, radio, or other things to make your house look occupied, can go a long way as well. Setting a few lamps to come on around dark and go off around bedtime is good. You can plug a radio into the same timer and put it on AM talk radio at a normal talking volume so voices can be heard inside. Window air conditioning units are an easy way in. The only thing usually holding them in is the window shut down on it. Be sure to go the few extra minutes and make sure you have stoppers for the windows. Simple pieces of boards cut to size and wedge in vertically or diagonally above the AC unit will keep the lip of the AC from being removed easily. Someone will have to make a lot of noise to tear it out of the window. Otherwise they just slide the window up 3 inches, take out the AC and hop on in. And while your at it cut yourself a stick for the track of the sliding glass door. Plant thick thorn bushes, cactus, etc.. under all your windows for cheap natural solution to guarding windows. How many burglars carry hedge clippers or a jungle machete? There are also cheap magnetic type window alarms that are battery powered and go off when the window is opened and the magnetic connection is broken. these are very small, inexpensive and for the $10-$20 price, why not? Thieves go into the house and find out where all the ways out of the house are and make sure all the doors are unlocked. Double sided key locks on doors will make it impossible for them to open the doors from either side. Knowing there is only one way out and they are risking being trapped, you run a much better chance of them leaving or at least leaving faster Dont be too lazy to use the alarm system. A sign in the front yard is not enough because a thief knows owners don’t use them. If you have privacy around your property, like high fences or tall vegetation, an intruder has just as much privacy getting in and out of your house without being noticed. First place experienced thieves go is the master bedroom. Put jewels and valuable in a plain box not a nice jewelry box, it’s a dead give away. Put the box in the kids closet or somewhere like the cleaning room or closet etc. Money is usually in a drawer. Second room searched is the bathroom looking for prescription medications. Third place a thief looks is the den to score video games and electronics. If you stash your electronics like a laptop’s cord/charger it makes the item useless because it’s almost impossible to sell electronics without them. Most people, no matter income, race, age, etc. do things the same in their homes and thieves count on it. Make sure to have some kind of outside lighting like a low watt fluorescent bulb. Complete darkness might as well be an invitation if you couldn’t see someone standing right in front of you. Along with dogs, quality motion activated lights are great for security and very useful every time you go outside at night. Do not leave tools and ladders laying around outside of your house or in an unlocked garage or work shed. An intruder might get in when they otherwise wouldnt have if you make this mistake. It would later suck to realize they got in because they found your crowbar laying on the workbench, or found your ladder and used it to go to the second floor windows that are usually left unlocked or open. Do not hang up signs about having firearms and being willing to use them. Signs with pictures of guns pointed at the reader saying something like THIS HOME PROTECTED BY S&W or any number of joke/attitude signage could be seen as a challenge by some kinds of people and you are just asking for trouble. Worse yet, you are letting the thief know there are most likely valuable guns inside Defenses like seen in Home Alone are no joke and can be very effective in real situations. Putting cooking or motor oil on steps can kill somebody fast.  All it takes is one nail through the foot to stop someone fast, not to mention 3 or four. Putting nails through something flat (like a piece of cardboard) to create a spike board on the floor can be done in seconds. Putting a claw hammer on a swinging string can pack a serious solid steel punch at 60 MPH. X marks the spot. A face full of WD-40 or carburetor cleaner (both have long straws you can add to nozzle) and thousands of other chemicals out there can put someone out of commission and you will get no fuss from the police even when keeping these sprays right at hand in the front seat of your car. Not a bad idea since a car puts someone at a large disadvantage to attack or defend. Make an improvised weapon(s) and make it count. If you think whacking some guy in the head with a broom handle will stop someone, let alone a stranger on adrenalin, you need to know one thing… decide you’re not going to fail, and start thinking along the lines of breaking that stick to a sharp point, and with both hands and surprise, stab the scum with all you’ve got and get away (and just because someone is down doesnt mean they will stay down more than a few seconds or possibly faking etc. Any piece of cloth with a weight in it will work as a devastating weapon. I have seen somewhere they called a “Trappo”. It’s just Like when I was young and people used to have a padlock with a bandana sticking out of their back pocket. The cops couldn’t say anything about that. You also see versions in movies where guys in the military or prison put soap in a sock and beat someone with it.. same idea. But this turns the weight into a flail with multiplied force enough to kill someone with on good hit. Some Motorcycle clubs use a real small ballpeen hammer they carry to “tap on the starter with”.  Light, concealable, common, small, quiet, no moving parts to break, loose, or replace, nothing sharp, nearly indestructible.. and a very useful tool and just as effective today as the first rock that was used by man as a tool and weapon. Take one of these small “tack hammers” and hit your palm with it just slightly and you can easily see that it didn’t take much to do amazing damage. Even weapons in museums, despite the small stature of people in history, were usually small in weight to be fast and be usable for long periods of time. In other words, it doesn’t take a big weapon or a big person to have 100% stopping power. More to come…   R

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