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PEST CONTROL by M. Redfish

Kill fleas by using salt on carpets and let sit a few day, then repeat as needed

Dawn kills by disolving the fleas oils that usually keep them waterproof

The Patriot Nurse on Youtube has some serious praise for apple cider vinegar and its uses, I will add those sometime but you can look her up yourself because she has so much incredibly useful and intelligent things to say.

This comment below is something I copied and pasted a long time back but didn’t save the source. It is probably a link in my favorites or bookmarks somewhere and I will give credit when I find it
“We keep a gallon jug of water in the fridge, with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in it. We use this water to fill the water dishes of our cats and dog, and it keeps fleas off of them! I actually saw this on the Farmers Almanac post on Facebook, and we have tried it this whole last month, and I can’t BELIEVE how well it works! Our animals used to always have fleas bad, even with flea meds from the vet, I think we live in a flea bad area, but this year they are nearly flea free! We still see one or two on occasion, but they have mostly dissapeared! It is SO nice! Even the Animals seem grateful! Thank you Farmers Almanac! (p.s. I wouldn’t use white vinegar though, as someone on facebook said it was made from grapes, and grapes are bad for dogs, but the apple cider vinegar works great, and the dog has no problems with it, I think it actually is clearing up her dry skin conditions, and making her coat shiny too!)”

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