Paracord 550 (Type III or 3)

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USES FOR PARACORD 550 (Type III or 3) by M. Redfish

If you want to be blown away by cordage skills, just look up paracord in Google Images.

Just like primitive ancient uses for cordage, it can be woven into countless items(but now almost indestructible)
Created in WWII for paratroopers parachutes
Paracordist – modern day crafters that have taken uses for paracord to a whole new level
550 stands for a holding strength (without knots) of 550lbs
There are multiple strengths of paracord, 550 is type 3 or III
Quality paracord has 7 tight inner strands
7 inner strands are very strong string and outer casing protects them
So 1′ of paracord can be turned into 7′ + 1′ outer casing means 1′ = 8′ before tying together
7 inner strands can also be stripped into very small tough threads
There are two kinds so make sure to get mil spec and not cheap stuff
Being made for parachutes, paracord untangles very easily
Paracord will also hold to a tree without a knot from friction wrapped 2 times
Good rule of thumb is to carry 35′ (enough to put up a tarp shelter with extra)
Available in countless colors, color combos, camo patterns.. even team colors
Use bright orange cord to help find items when dropped or in the dark (knife lanyard, etc.)
Use small pieces of bright colored cord to mark trails, signaling
If only choosing 2 – Black is tactical/matches anything, attention grabbing bright orange

Constructing tarp/natural shelters
Boot/shoe laces
Sewing (making things, alteration, and repairs)
Belts for pants
Drawstrings for sweat pants and bags
Fishing line
Bow string
Crossbow string
Handle wraps (knives, axes, etc)
Knife lanyards
Rifle slings
Guitar straps
Survival bracelets (be sure to have break away clasp or knot, could cause death)
Survival necklaces (be sure to have break away clasp or knot, could cause death)
Rock throwing sling
Tie string to secure important gear
woven bags and containers
Line to raise or lower items (into a tree, water up from deep hole etc.)
Signal kite string
Bolo – multiple strings with weights thrown to tangle animals legs
Key rings
Mark trails
Follow cord back out of cave
Braid into larger rope

Visit this site here. The boot knife wrap isn’t paracord but you can see how awesome and useful knotwork can be. Use of cordage is ancient, and if you think about it, its hard to find vary many other things with more uses and knowing knots only multiplies this fact.


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