Moonshine and why to carry it

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Reasons you might carry grain alcohol in your kit…
Used by mountain men for centuries
Best to carry clear type grain alcohol (moonshine, everclear, vodka) not wood/ethyl alcohol
Proof of liquor is how much alcohol is in it.. proof is divided by two to find how much… example is 100 proof is 50% grain alcohol, Everclear is about 75% alcohol.
For the best results for multi use you need at least 60%, but for using in a little stove or for fire the higher the better.
Everclear is easier to get and about 60-70
Plastic travel airplane bottles of Smirnoff vodka are 50%. Easy to carry, no leaking or breaking.
Black Walnut leaves for tincture, hull of shell makes good brown dye
Transient alcohol stove (penny stove, coke can stove, rocket stove)
Be careful because flame is clean and clear and easy to get burnt or start a bad fire
Piece of cotton twisted into a cord soaked in Everclear will burn a long time for tinder that lights in damp weather to start stubborn fires.
Buy plastic flask at wally world for about $3 to put a fifth of clear liquor in
Put Black Walnut leaves into bottle (he used very old beer bottle), add it is a very astringent plant that is very drying by nature. The drying squeezes the outer skin cells causing it to push out the oils of poison ivy/oak etc. fill up bottle with leaves with Everclear and make a wooden plug stopper to allow the leaves to soak for a couple of weeks in the dark container. He seals the bottle with a cake of fixing wax (edible, crawfish and trap bait, edible, good on skin, chapped lips). If you don’t have two weeks you can just use the plant straight without the alcohol but its not going to work as well. Shake the bottle up every couple of days. Use bottle as a medicine jar.

So in summary… the alcohol is an accelerant (fumes to ignite, fuel, disinfectant, medicine) so great item to carry in long term pack

..note to self, do post about the power and importance of real design original penny stoves)


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