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Lip Balm (Chap Stick)

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USES FOR LIP BALM (CHAP STICK) by M. Redfish lip balmLip balm is a great example of the way that ancient things are around us everyday, and we just don’t know it. Wax is what we are taking about and wax is about as ancient as supplies gets, the yummy of honey made sure of that. Lip balm is a great goody to master because its uses are important,  it is so small and common, and in a small group there is often at least one stick in one or more pockets or bags.

Chapped lips and hands
Protect face and hands from wind and water
Cover small cuts
Fire starter when mixed with cotton, bark, etc
Use as a candle
Smooths sticky threads
Protects aluminum threads and adds waterproofing
Carbon knife rust protection
Put a touch on glass lenses and then buff to make anti fog
Smooth zippers
Leather – shoes, sheaths
Remove rings from swollen fingers
Lube old wooden drawers
Temporary fix to pin holes in tarps and tents
Use empty containers to hide cash, mini survival/fishing kits etc.


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