Heavenly Google and Youtube

To start this page, just a quick thought about Youtube and being a famous entertainer. There is no longer any need for a 5 year contract from a big company to get a start to fame anymore. Simply publish your music or talents etc. on Youtube. If you are any good you will be shared and watched repeatedly, get the hits that set you apart, and then you will be found. So no more excuses, get to it… or not.

Youtube is jaw dropping amazing when you realize to use it. It can teach you practically anything, and I mean anything. Not only does it have pictures, but it has video and sound.. and you don’t have to read much at all. I have gone on there and fixed so many problems in my life. I have been able to watch just about anything free, I have removed 2 nasty computer viruses that had me locked down. Now I always make sure to have a backup computer anyway, but being able to go online with a cheap laptop and go step by step with the infected computer makes it easy. If all else fails, call a friend and have them walk you through it. I have also found things like how to do different jobs on classic cars, and even more important, how to not mess anything up and if special tools are needed etc. You can even learn how to shoot 3 arrows in 2 seconds… its an amazing time to be alive and as a seeker I cant get enough lol. Son, this might be out of date by the time you are old enough to read it, but the lesson remains the same. I have spent years forgetting to use these resources simply because they weren’t there until after I was an adult. Make a reminder on a post it note if you have to. I often have people call to ask me who what when and where about things and now I always say the same thing.. Google it and Youtube. It is also odd these days to have come from a time of only 3 channels on TV and only well off people had color TVs, to being able to type in anything and watch it instantly. It wasn’t long ago, unless you could be in front of the TV on time, you wouldn’t see it. Also, you would only see it once and the idea of rewinding tape to watch tv again, no matter how crappy or fuzzy, was simply astounding. Just like playing the first video game Pong. The idea that you could actually control what was on the screen was pure magic. After seeing Atari games and watching all the little blocks that made up the game get smaller and more detailed over just a few years, I knew the future was an unlimited place for the digital world. Now we have Youtube and I can go watch anything, say…. 1972 Alice Cooper videos that I want, and tons of other stuff I never even knew existed about him. Then on to anything else no matter how obscure or rare 24/7… FREE.  We also no longer have to just listen to a song on MP3, we can just as easily watch the video while we listen to it. And the young take it all for granted, wow its sad to think they don’t get to feel this transformation of humanity because its beyond words.

About Google

What can you say about Google, it is what I always dreamed a part of heaven would be. To be able to ask any question you want and get the answer. Now for only a few bucks a month you can not only ask a question but get in touch with countless sites and experts on any subject, watch movies about it all day. An Alaskan can easily sell beach front property in Florida to a man in Australia. Used to be, if a farmer had a ton of hay going bad, and another farmer had a field of starving cattle, even at 30 miles apart they would have never found each other. Now that is so efficient that it doesn’t happen at all so although we don’t directly see the impact, it is so enormous we are just trying to get used to a new age. The old world I grew up in is gone in America forever for the most part.


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