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CaptureWiz2000702NOTES ON CONDOMS
Non lubricated are used for utility
Highest quality/heavy duty
Magnum size is most useful (what I always buy anyway of course :)
Try to use in ways it stretch it the least, like half as much water as u think it will hold etc.
Most intelligent sexual partners or potential partners wont allow sex without them

CaptureWiz2000699USES FOR CONDOMS
Birth Control (very important in long term survival/SHTF situations)
Sexually Transmitted Disease protection
Better sex from peace of mind
Fill with water (use funnel), carry in sock
Lid/cover for bottle or can
Surgical glove
Keep dirty water out of penis
Cover socks to help keep feet dry (but long time wear causes sweat)
Start a fire as tinder (dont breath toxic smoke)
Use as waterproof bag or cover a container or its contents to make waterproof
Use to tie things, like as a bungee for a tarp
Fishing bobber
Signal balloon
Floatation device
Muzzle cover for firearms
Trap engine
Spear fishing
Sling shot


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